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Current Project

    I have around 4 years of experience in analysis, design, coding and testing of NMS/EMS applications,
    SNMP Agent using C, C++, Java and related internet technologies.

    I have the following  skills

    Programming Languages
    C, C++, Java, Swing, Rmi, Jdbc, Servlets, Corba, Perl 5.0, Sql, JavaScript, ASP, HTML

    Operating Systems
    Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, Sun Solaris 2.5, Linux, HP-Unix.


    Front Ends / Tools / Others
    NetBeans, Visual Café, SQA, Taboret, HP OpenView, Together Soft, CVS, MS-Office

    Jigsaw, IIS, Apache, Java Web Server, Personal web server


    Current Project:

    Deveoloping SNMP agent for Printer. The architecure consists of MasterAgent running either in Windows 2000
    or Linux and the Sub Agents running in Linux which implement the various custom mibs. The Master Agent is
    being developed in C and the Sub Agents are being developed using C++ and Java. The Sub Agents get the
    information through the CORBA interface.

    Software Used
    Operating Systems: Windows 95/98, Windows NT.

    Languages : Java (JDK1.1, 1.2, 1.3), C, C++
    CORBA ORB's : JacORB, OMNIORB, VisiBorker.

Updated on: 17th Jan 2002